Zach Gordon

B.M.Sc. (Honors, Biochemistry and Pharmacology)
M.Sc. Candidate (Biochemistry)
 Junior Scientist

Rebecca Meaney

 B.Sc. Candidate, 3rd-year
Research Assistant I

Bogumil J. Karas

Ph.D. (Biology)
Founder, President &
Chief Executive Officer

Preetam Janakirama

Ph.D. (Biology)
Staff Scientist I – Biologist

Lee Smithson

Founder &
Business Advisor

Jasmine Therrien

B.A.Sc. (Biotechnology)
 Research Assistant II


Greg Vilk Ph.D.

University-Industry Liaison
Manager at University of Lethbridge

Jim Brandle Ph.D.

CEO of Vineland Research
and Innovation Centre


Krzysztof Szczyglowski, Ph.D.

‎Research Scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, London, Ontario, Canada.

Turlough M. Finan, Ph.D.

Professor at Department of Biology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.